Stop wasting your money on campaigns that doesn’t pay off.

You don’t have to waste your money on campaigns that don’t give you results. Sees Media Group is dedicated to bringing you high-quality leads that will ultimately increase your lead conversion rate.

Committed in providing rock-solid process for generating and qualifying leads

Your marketers generate low-quality demands and yor sales representatives waste their time calling them, this is an unending cycle of mediocrity. Quit them!

Sees Media Group is a home for tried-and-true marketing experts and sales representatives that has meaningful experience and training in generating and qualifyingleads for greater conversion.

Sees media group is a home of the experts

Behind every business success is a group of experts who make awesome things happen. Sees Media Group is composed of skilled and seasoned individuals specializing in sales and marketing, who knows how to listen, creative and innovative.

group people

If you’ve come looking for warm and qualified sales leads?

Sees Media Group right place for you!

At Sees Media Group, we’ve taken our years of experience, trials and errors, and professionalism and combined them into a working process that gets you the qualified leads you’re after! Our services include a highly-trained team that can lead you on a successful campaign with step-by-step instruction, professional experience, and tough work ethic. You can rely on the services we offer here to help capture those resilient, qualified sales leads that you’re after!

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Why we?

Appointment setting

Designed to bring you the perfect opportunity to make the sale you need by hand-delivering you the clients who are interested in hearing about you, your company, and your services. We bring the perfect opportunity to you in an effortless, effective, and proactive way...

Lead generation

We provide you with engaged and sure-fired high-quality leads that will continually fill in your sales funnel. Our team are equipped with knowledge, skills and high-performance tools to find the right people at the right place and time...

Database profiling

With the use of our tools and meaningful experience, we provide you with useful information about your target market and market segment. We carefully collect, analyze and compile databases that are purely B2B to help you make wiser decisions...

Social media and email marketing

We provide you with real experts dedicated to elevate your presence in social media and reach out to leads that cannot be contacted through phone by sending emails that convert them into leads...


The sees media group marketing funnel

At Sees Media Group, we only establish appointments when we feel a potential future lead is expected to make its was through ours specialized Media Funnel. Our funnel is a five-stage marketing process that allows our lead nurtuing methods to move through each stage smoothl, creating a system that sets a standard for an increase in meeting potential.

check-mark Contacts

Our database is infinite, composed of over 20 million businesses in about 7 different countries. We utilize our talented data specialist as well as our finely-tuned data mining resources in order to create a specialized section of data that will match our client’s needs in their target areas.

check-mark Inquiries

When we get positive feedback to our conversation stage, we classify them as inquiries. These are typically when a potential lead asks for a brochure or further information – literature we’re happy to provide! Sometimes, we need to make follow-up calls or exchange emails in order to confirm that we’re ready for the next step of the funnel.

check-mark Booked appointments

In this stage, final preparations were made prior to endorsing the lead to the client. As required by the client’s qualifying criteria, screening questions were asked according to the approved call script. The prospect was also booked for a face-to-face or phone appointment with the client’s representative.

check-mark Conversations

It’s a simple idea, but it works. Sees Media Group believes in starting conversations – emails, phone calls, any type of communication – with the people who make decisions at the companies and industries our clients are trying to reach. Sometimes, this takes a few tries, and sometimes we have to chat with non-decision makers to get to our starting point (the decision maker). In this stage, we typically make the presentation of our client’s offer once we talk with the decision maker.

check-mark Qualified leads

So, once we get the decision maker to request a full presentation, we start calling this lead a qualified lead – an entirely new stage in our funnel. Here, we begin setting up for our next step, booking appointments.

check-mark Calling

We promise that our outbound calls will stay at 200 live calls made daily. That means we’re working eight hours daily, five days a week to ensure we get this right. The best part? Because of our Sees Media Group Pipedrive, we’re able to allow our agents to leave pre-recorded voicemails for even more efficiency.

Get your marketing running on all gears

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.

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  • Running your Lead Generation Program

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