How it works

Contract Signing

The journey starts here. Every great thing starts with a formal agreement where trust and confidence is the foundation.

Team Introduction

Our team wants to know more about you, what you believe in and how we can strategically help you by discussing campaign details with them.


We utilize a specialized technology designed to create and collect a list of your target decision-makers.

Script development

We will then create your call script; one that tells a good story and has a clear objective and structure.

Pipedrive CRM Access

Pipedrive is the CRM we use to help build our services. This is a web-based, CRM that helps integrate our call facilities, managers, and our sales team into a single unit to simplify and streamline our processes.

Product Training

We invest time and effort in making sure that our team knows your products or services very well. We believe that salespeople who show confidence and mastery in the product will most likely convert prospects.We want them to trust you and your value proposition.

Start of Campaign

We will be calling your leads and qualify them according to your targeted geographic.

Weekly Meeting

We build and maintain client relationships through open communication, discussing all the pin points and what needs to improve with our current set-up./p>

Why we?

Appointment setting

Designed to bring you the perfect opportunity to make the sale you need by hand-delivering you the clients who are interested in hearing about you, your company, and your services. We bring the perfect opportunity to you in an effortless, effective, and proactive way...

Lead generation

We provide you with engaged and sure-fired high-quality leads that will continually fill in your sales funnel. Our team are equipped with knowledge, skills and high-performance tools to find the right people at the right place and time...

Database profiling

With the use of our tools and meaningful experience, we provide you with useful information about your target market and market segment. We carefully collect, analyze and compile databases that are purely B2B to help you make wiser decisions...

Social media and email marketing

We provide you with real experts dedicated to elevate your presence in social media and reach out to leads that cannot be contacted through phone by sending emails that convert them into leads...

group people

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