How Sees Media Group ensures quality leads for an IT Solutions Company based in Canada


About the Client:

In this case, the client works quite closely with the marketing and
sales team but is always looking for a solution that could help cross
both channels and maximize productivity. This client of ours was a
CEO from a major IT Solutions Industry with the goal of making
their clients become more productive while becoming financially

Target Industries:

Transportation and Trucking, Manufacturing, Medical and
Healthcare, Life Sciences, and K12, Retail and Smaller companies,
no more than 20 per company (according to the database we built)
with C-level employees and managers as our target contact point.

Target Decision Makers:

C- Level Executives, Director of Operations

  • Industry

    IT Company

  • Campaign Duration

    3 Months

  • Campaign Type

    Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

  • Location


  • Target Location

    USA and Canada


One of the major issues this client is facing is that separate vendors are working with the marketing and sales team, creating a burden for these two branches to coordinate activities, campaign together, and maximize their efficiency.


  • Quality over Quantity

    Sees Media Group prioritized the quality of leads over its quantity. Sees Media Group employs a rigid lead qualification process to ensure lead convertibility.


Production & conversion

Of the nearly 8,500 records we included in our database. Sees Media Group fully profiled about 83.95% of them (that’s about 7,256 records). We completed each of these with verified names, email addresses, job titles, and more.

12 weeks results

66 Appointments

326 For Follow-ups

130 Request for information