Obtain a Shining Success for ERP Provider


About the Client:

The customer was a Director of Marketing of a pioneer in Jewelry
software, RFID solutions, jewelry web portals, mobile apps, server
infrastructure setups & dedicated servers with the most effective

The most interesting thing about this customer is that his application was
plug-and-play, allowing for different modules and needs to be available
to all jewelry retailers within the industry.

As usual, the customer was trying to work closely with both the marketing
and sales department, but due to complications and different vendors, the crossover was difficult. This head of marketing is always on the look-
out for solutions that can make this crossover easier and help aid in sales while cutting costs. That’s where Sees Media Group came in.

We offer a full-time lead generation campaign – a campaign that’s both
cost-effective and also all-inclusive, quickly fixing the multiple vendor
services issue.

We promise, as always, a campaign that’s greater than the sum of its
parts as well as cost-effective efforts to aid our customers. All of this
leaves time and effort for our customers to focus on what matters most –

Target Industries:

Jewelry Retailers

Target Decision Makers:

(Managers within)
HR departments

  • Industry

    IT Company

  • Campaign Duration

    6 Months

  • Campaign Type

    Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

  • Target Location



The Head of Marketing was expecting to increase its marketing presence on a wide scale. They were seeking out an expansive presence in the United States (in their entireties). We promise a database of about 8,700 records (more accurately, it was 8643 records).


The customer has excellent brand recognition globally and its products have strong market potential. However, it had difficulty penetrating foreign markets often dominated by large global competitors. The customer did not invest significantly in marketing aside from the irregular cold calling efforts by its sales staff. The primary source of new customers was word of mouth. To boost its capability to compete squarely in the international market, the customer looked for an appointment setting company to carry out its objectives methodically:

  • To educate the prospect on the benefits of practice management software

  • To schedule product demos with interested prospects

This campaign required technically sound telemarketers with firsthand experience in selling software systems. Having campaigned on behalf of several IT and software companies for many years, Sees Media Group was qualified for the challenge.


group people

Testing the Market

The initial campaign generated only 8 leads but the customer wasn't surprised at all of the results as they knew that a jewelry software is all new to the target market. They considered the campaign as testing the market.

The customer renewed the contract for 6 months to run another round of campaign despite the market's indifference to the product. Sees Media Group still maximized its lead generation program, utilizing the Pipedrive using the same campaign process as of the initial campaign.

The 6-period campaign showed erratic trend results:


The critical of the campaign lead results was one roller coaster ride but the customer probed into the matter and concluded that the target market has become quite welcoming of the product now as compared to the pilot program.

Production & conversion

75 (60%) of which were converted into proposals.

Potential additional revenue for the Client valued at $1.9M


They generated a four-fold return on their initial investment - the investment being us, Sees Media Group. A total of 128 leads were generated by the Sees Media Group team for the jewelry ERP provider

The 6-month campaign periods generated a total of 120 appointments, an average of 20 appointments per campaign period, which is an improvement over the Client's own campaign from previous vendors.


Sees Media team validated the contact information in the database. Agents followed a careful process in the call flow:

They had to speak in the clearest manner as target prospects were mostly seniors who are less interested in the new.

Technology and must verify all contact information first before introducing the ERP software.

Prospects who agreed to speak with the Client were sent calendar invites to keep them reminded of the appointment schedule.

Prospects who were not ready to discuss yet were sent to the client for future follow-ups