Sees Media Group helped this Company save money while sustaining profitability


About the Client:

Our client is the Marketing Manager and for many years, they have
been offering state of the art IT solutions to support local businesses.
They cover the full spectrum of IT support, the goal for their clients
has always been less downtime, fewer disruptions, more productivity
and an increased return from technology to a myriad of customers
spread throughout Central Illinois and Southern Nevada.

Target Industries:

All industries, except for Fast Food Chains, C-Stores, Restaurants,
Gas stations and Gyms. Other than that, they wanted to work with
industries like Construction, Marijuana, General Contracting,
Manufacturing, Professional Services, Legal, Medical, Carpet
Cleaning, and Accounting Firms.

Target Decision Makers:

Owners, vice presidents, managers of operations, finance, IT,
general managers, and C-level

  • Industry

    IT Company

  • Campaign Duration

    3 Months

  • Campaign Type

    Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

  • Location

    New York

  • Target Location

    Central Illinois and Southern Nevada


The client realized that the resources required to hire an inside sales team to prospect would be too demanding on their growing company.


  • Lead Generation

    Sees Media Group comes in and offer a full-time lead service generation campaign - a campaign that's both cost-effective and also all-inclusive, quickly fixing the multiple vendor services issue since they are always on the hunt for a better solution to allow a seamless process to cross both the sales and marketing channels.


Production & conversion

85% of their appointments are going to the proposal.

5 new managed service clients and an estimated $28,000 per month in recurring revenue as a direct result of relationships initiated from the campaign process.

12 weeks results

66 Appointments

284 For Follow-ups

160 Request for information