Social Media and Email Marketing

We live in a world where social media has played the biggest role in business development and marketing. Almost all people in the world have social media accounts and most of them spend the majority of their time watching videos and reading various content.

Utilizing social media in getting warm leads for our clients is one of our strategies. Sees Media Group has trained and skilled social media experts that can elevate your social media presence and generate sure fired leads to fill your sales funnel.

Sees Media Group uses Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in reaching out to leads. We manage it for you, saving you tons of money and time. When our Appointment Setters talk to them and they want information via email, our Email Marketer emails the lead and follow up with them should they agreed for an appointment to talk with you, saving you time and resources.

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Why we?

Appointment setting

Designed to bring you the perfect opportunity to make the sale you need by hand-delivering you the clients who are interested in hearing about you, your company, and your services. We bring the perfect opportunity to you in an effortless, effective, and proactive way...

Lead generation

We provide you with engaged and sure-fired high-quality leads that will continually fill in your sales funnel. Our team are equipped with knowledge, skills and high-performance tools to find the right people at the right place and time...

Database profiling

With the use of our tools and meaningful experience, we provide you with useful information about your target market and market segment. We carefully collect, analyze and compile databases that are purely B2B to help you make wiser decisions...

Social media and email marketing

We provide you with real experts dedicated to elevate your presence in social media and reach out to leads that cannot be contacted through phone by sending emails that convert them into leads...


We are Game Changers

Sees Media Group is changing the game in the lead generation and appointment setting industry. SMG believes that to be an effective salesperson-one must know how to listen, empathize, ask questions, qualify them thoroughly and help them find out if the product is a right fit for their situation.

We provide high-performance front-liners who will generate leads and pass them over to our highly-trained Appointment Setters.

  • Contacts

  • Conversations

  • Inquiries

  • Qualified leads

  • Booked appointments

  • Calling

Get your marketing running on all gears

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.

How WE use Sees Media Group to ensure YOUR lead generation program is a success:

  • Building and Preparing Your List
  • Building and Preparing Your List

How YOU can use Sees Media Group to reach your sales targets:

  • For Lead Generation & Follow-up
  • For Lead Generation & Follow-up